NatureBoys Indian Almond Leaves

Indian Almond leaves of the Terminalia catappa tree are especially popular in the betta and shrimp hobby as a natural medicine and water conditioner. They are said to help combat fungus and bacterial problems like finrot, and prevent stress by mimicking the natural habitat.

When placed in an aquarium, Indian almond leaves slowly start to decompose. While this happens they turn the water a yellow or brown color by releasing tannins. These tannins lower the pH and are said to have antifungal and antibacterial properties, which comes in very handy when you have a fish suffering from finrot or when you’re raising vulnerable fry. it also serves as a long time food source for shrimp.

The leaves are harvested directly from the tree, cleaned and sun-dried. Simply lay the leaves in the aquarium. The effect of the ingredients begins with no further action required and lasts 1 – 3 weeks. Put one leaf (approx. 18 cm long) to 50 – 100 l.

Natureboys Magnolia Leaves

Magnolia Leaves form a natural part of a shrimp habitat and the compounds it adds to your tank have antibacterial properties. They are a very exotic looking leaf with an array of colours when submerged.

It will release tannins into your tank tinting the water slightly. These tannins are good for all tank inhabitants. Saying that, my experience is that the tannins are less than that of some other leaves and botanicals.

Magnolia leaves are also ‘harder’ than some other leaves and as such take longer to deteriorate than other more familiar and known leaves used in the hobby.

I use Magnolia Leaves in my shrimp tanks in conjunction with an Indian Almond leaf, Gauva Leaf and Alder Leaves. The reason for this, Alder Leaves are soft and will be consumed first, Indian Almond leaf second and thirdly the Gauva Leaf. Magnolia Leaf will be the last one standing. During this period I may replace the Indian Almond Leaf.

Magnolia Leaves will really go well in any Blackwater tank and that of Appistogrammas.

Preparation: Rinse them well. Cover with boiling water and leave till waterlogged. You can even leave it longer, before adding to your tank, as to promote biofilm growth which the shrimp will graze on. It will also soften the leaf.

Our Magnolia leaves are ‘Proudly South African! Collected, processed and packaged locally! Please support local!!