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Cameroon Moss (Plagiochilaceae sp. ‘Cameroon Moss)

Was 6 fronds of about 5cm each. Now double portion!!
Not tied down on wood.
Courier in 35ml Plastic cup.

Cameroon Moss is by far one of my favorite mosses. It is very unique. Almost rubbery fern look alike.
It is still fairly rare in South Africa and hard to come by. Those that got some from Nature Boys quite some time back share the same sentiments.
I keep it in my Blue Bolt tank and I believe the survival rate of my shrimp babies have gone up due to the Cameroon Moss.
It is quite dense in growth and great place for baby shrimp to hide and feed.
It is not a slow grower as some would say. To start off maybe slow and delicate but once it start and under the correct conditions it will flourish.
It also seems that the shrimp don’t eat the moss itself as I have experience with eg Willow Moss
Conditions in my tank
No CO2
ADA soil
PH >6
Temp 22 C


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