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DBS HUSK is from the Chestnut Family collected locally.
Please read the product info carefully before use.

DBS HUSK is from the Chestnut Family and collected locally.
– Rich in Tannins with antibacterial and antifungal properties
– Reduce the chance of bacterial infections
-These tannins also facilitate moulting of shrimps.
– The shrimp either graze on the bio-film that will accumulate on the husk or eat the inner part of the DBS husk as it breaks down over a period of time.
– Cover with boiling water and soak till waterlogged. Rinse before adding to your tank.
– At first, rather start with one or 2 Husks.

The shrimp will eat the inner part of the husk which will result that the remainder will fall apart making a mess!!
I highly recommend that you place it within a glass dish and don’t move it.

It is high in tannins and tend to make your water tea-like in colour however, this is good for the tank inhabitants.

Highly recommend this also for the BLACK TANK lovers.


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