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Magnolia Cone



– Release tannins into the water which help prevent bacterial growth in shrimp.

– Acidify the water which will slowly lower the pH level

-Biofilm will accumulate on the cone which is another great food source for shrimp.

– Shrimp will also eat the cone as it breaks down

– Add boiling water and leave

till waterlogged. Rinse before adding to your tank.

– 1 small to medium size cone for every 30l of water. 1 Large Cone for 60l

– You may add or replace as and when needed.

Magnolia Cone is one of my personal favorite Cones. It have this appealing look almost like banana ‘bunch’. Intriguing network of plant material with small cavities where food for your shrimp will accumulate and double up as hiding place for small shrimp. The Smaller cones don’t have these cavities as they never fully developed.

It is a long lasting Cone!

Magnolia Cones will release tannins into your tank giving your water a slight tint. These tannins is good for tank inhabitants and aid with keeping your tank inhabitants healthy.

Biomass will accumulate on the Magnolia Cones which provide supplementary grazing for shrimp.

Magnolia Cones are collected only once it has fallen, processed and packaged within the borders of South Africa making it Proudly South African. Please support local!!


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