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Rhodobryum Roseum

8-10 Individual stems. Not tied down. Wood will be added to the order)
Note: I received this as Rhodobryum Roseum however, I don’t believe it is true Rose Moss

Rhodobryum roseum commonly known as Rose Moss, is a species of moss of the subclass Bryidae and family Bryaceae, found throughout most of the world in woods or sheltered grassy places.
Propagate: When stems is 2cm or taller, trim 1cm from top ends and tie to moss plate with ‘fish line’. Old stems will generate new stems.
My experience is that Rhodobryum Roseum have difficulties to attached to wood, rock or any base that you may use to tie it too. Thus the reason why I use fish line.

Purchase: 8-10 Individual Stems. Not tied down but wood will be added.


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